Innovation Challenge

Today, every company, small or multi-national, new or incumbent, can obtain innovation capacity. People can be hired through the sharing economy; technology can be rented by the hour; finance can be sought for any prototype, and assets bought. But capacity alone is insufficient to create new, significant, sustainable value for customers.

Assist 2 Develop can foster and accelerate the creation of new ideas, but more importantly, ensure that the value drives your successful innovation it creates for your customers. Tap into our ecosystem to generate innovative concepts and products for your organization using the following methods:

-Launch an innovation challenge via crowdsourcing

-A partner challenge

-An academic academy challenge

Each of these mediums relies not only on leveraging your company’s external ecosystem to generate ideas but also on tapping into the thoughts of its employees. This ideation and co-creation with suppliers and external partners will allow your organization to tap into a wealth of information and experience to create breakthrough products and customer experiences. 

Launch your innovation challenge with Assist 2 Develop.


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  1. Sep 17, 2018
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